Head of Department

Dr Suriani binti Sabdin

Phone 03-26151637
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Introduction & Background

Unit Pascasiswazah was set up on 25 April 2003. The name of the unit has been changed to Unit Pengurusan Pegawai Perubatan in 2019 as the scope of services expanded. The unit foresee the training programs of house officers. This unit is also responsible in channelling the important information to the new house officers.


To implement efective and high quality training for house officers           

Objective and Function

1. To coordinate the report to work process for the newly appointed house officer systematically

2. Updated information related to medical care to be disseminated efficiently

3. To expose the house officers to real work environment as compared to university

4. To incorporate excellent work culture in order to produce house officers who are motivated and competitive

5. To coordinate the house officer training program with the assistance of the specialists from various departments

Clients Charter

a) To ensure the newly appointed house officers undergo the hospital orientation program.

b) To ensure the training is carried out through various postings in accordance with the guidelines or policies.

c) To ensure the newly appointed house officers undergo training at the National Blood Centre

Organization Chart




7th Floor, Specialist Complex And Ambulatory Care Centre (SCACC), Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon-Fri)

Workshop on Pathology, Radiology and National Blood Centre

Continuos Medical Education (CME)



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