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The Pharmacy Department of Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) was established to provide optimal pharmaceutical care to cater for the needs of all patients as well as to support the objectives and mission of HKL. With more than 350 members stationed in 18 units distributed throughout the hospital, the department aims to deliver a wide scope of quality services while simultaneously dealing with over 5000 prescriptions daily from inpatient and outpatient settings. Services offered include clinical pharmacy services such as Parenteral Nutrition, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution, Nuclear Pharmacy, Patient Counselling, Adverse Drug Reaction monitoring, as well as National Pharmacy Call Centre.

In regards to management, the Pharmacy Department plays a major role in the procurement, storage and distribution of drugs and non-drugs (e.g. medical equipment and consumable items) in the hospital.

A globally renowned pharmacy service that strives towards healthcare excellence through innovative pharmaceutical care

To work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide optimal pharmaceutical care, to advance pharmaceutical knowledge through continous pharmacy education and to promote positive outcomes to clients


• To provide an efficient and effective pharmaceutical service to the patients and  clients of the hospital

•To provide clinical pharmaceutical services, so that the quality of patient care can be upgraded

•To strengthen the procurement and supply system for drugs and medical items/equipment to the hospital and polyclinics

•To ensure all pharmacy staff received training and continuous learning

•To foster harmonious intra- and inter- relationships within the department and with other departments in the hospital




Operating Days

Operating Hours

A&E Pharmacy


Operating 24 hours

Specialist Complex & Ambulatory Care Centre (SCACC) Pharmacy





Radiotherapy Pharmacy

Orthopaedic Pharmacy

Methadone Pharmacy



Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday


Drive-Thru Pharmacy







1. Appointment-Based Medicines Dispensing System

(SMART- Sistem Mendispen Secara Temujanji)
SMART is a dispensing system implemented in 2007 at the Main Outpatient Pharmacy in which patients will be given a SMART card where an appointment date is fixed for patients to obtain their next medicine supply. Patients’ medicines will be packed prior to their appointment date and it will be collected via a designated counter at the outpatient pharmacy. Hence, with SMART, patient waiting time has been reduced tremendously. 

2. Medicine Through Postal Service (UMP- Ubat Melalui Pos)
UMP  is a collaboration between MOH and Pos Malaysia Berhad. This service was started in 2010 at Outpatient Pharmacy whereby the follow-up medicine will be posted to the location of their choice with minimal postal charge paid directly to Pos Malaysia Berhad. The objectives of this service are:

• To reduce patient waiting time at the pharmacy counter
• To ensure patient will get their balance medication supply
• To increase patient compliance to medications

3. Drive-Thru Pharmacy
Drive-Thru Pharmacy is a value-added service provided to patients with repeat prescriptions. The benefits of this service include:

i) To reduce waiting time at pharmacy counter
ii) Flexible time for medication collection
iii) Avoid parking issues

4. Locker4U

Locker4u is a value-added service provided to patients with repeat prescriptions. The system allows patient to collect their medications in the special lockers provided and can be taken after working hours.



The Pharmacy Resources & Information Centre (PRIC) was established in HKL for the purpose of providing fast, accurate, reliable and most importantly evidence-based drug information to healthcare professionals and members of public pertaining to drug information, therapies, pharmacoeconomics as well as education; in an unbiased manner in order to maintain rational drug therapy.

National Pharmacy Call Centre (NPCC) was launched by the Pharmaceutical Services Division in 2010 for the sole purpose of enabling members of the public to obtain drug information, operating 8.00am-5.00pm daily excluding weekends and public holidays. This centre is easily accessible at a toll free line 1800 88 6722.


Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic (MTAC) is one of the components of clinical pharmacy in ambulatory care. These clinics involves collaboration between pharmacist and medical officer in providing pharmaceutical care to patients. The objective of this service is to increase patients' adherence to medication. There are 6 types of MTAC services in HKL including:

1. Diabetes Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic (DMTAC)
2. Warfarin Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic (WMTAC)
3. Cardiac Rehabilitation Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic (CRMTAC)
4. Geriatric Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic (GMTAC)
5. Peritoneal Dialysis Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic (PDMTAC)
6. Nephro-Transplant Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic

MTAC services will be conduct by trained pharmacists in accordance with the MTACs protocol by the Pharmacy Division, MOH. Enrolment patients will be done by pharmacist or referral by medical officer. The MTAC services provides counselling to empower medication management to patient and / care-takers. The pharmacists in the clinic need to monitor patients’ medications, identify any pharmaceutical issues, monitor the effectiveness of patients’ treatment and dispense medications to patients (depending on protocol). Pharmacist will discuss patient’s pharmacotherapy plan with medical doctor. After the session, the pharmacist will schedule their next appointment based on the patient needs. All relevant findings and suggestions or interventions made will be documented.

The Department of Pharmacy is dedicated to provide comprehensive training and education for a future of excellence in pharmacy service.

1. On-The-Job Training

Training positions are provided for:

a.Provisionally Registered Pharmacists (PRP)
b. Students of pharmacy diploma from MAHSA, UiTM, MSU (Management of Sains University) and College Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu
c. Students of pharmacy degree from local and overseas universities during their attachment in HKL in accordance to their syllabus.

2. Continuous Education Programmes

A regular Continuous Pharmacy Education (CPE) session is organized on Thursday afternoon 1pm to 2pm, presented by our in-house pharmacist and also product specialist from pharmaceutical company. Topics involved are about latest updated on disease management and drug information.

The CPE is organized for all pharmacists, pharmacists' assistants and PRPs to assist them to reach the requirement annual minimum Credit points of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. The objective is to provide a comprehensive mechanism to evaluate its personnel and empowering individuals to manage their knowledge and competence.

3. Public Education Sessions

This Division participates in public education programmes which include talk on health topics, group counselling, Know Your Medicines campaign and other programs where distribution of reading materials and teaching sessions with pharmacists will be done.

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