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Hospital Kuala Lumpur is one of the largest hospitals in the country and also consists of the biggest number of staff among hospitals in Malaysia. Staffs are an asset to the hospital and play an important role in providing the health care services. Because of the work environment is so challenging, they are expose to a various hazards and occupational diseases .In order to overcome this occupational health issues, hospital has to find a mechanism to ensure the safety, health and welfare of the hospital staff.

OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH (OSH) Unit Hospital Kuala Lumpur was then established in 2005 after it was instructed by the Chief Secretary of Malaysia via a circular UPTM 159/267/50 Kit 4 (46) dated 20 August 2004ARAHAN PEMATUHAN AKTA KESELAMATAN DAN KESIHATAN PEKERJAAN 1994 DAN PELAKSANAAN ARAHAN, PERATURAN, PROSEDUR DAN PERUNTUKAN UNDANG-UNDANG DI JABATAN-JABATAN KERAJAAN. Occupational Safety and Health Unit which is placed under the Hospital Director is mainly function as a secretariat for the Occupational Safety and Health Committee of HKL and also responsible to carry out activities or programs in accordance with the Occupational And Safety Health Act 1994.




As a responsible institution, it is the policy of the Kuala Lumpur Hospital to ensure that all HKL staff and their customers are in a healthy and safe environment. The management together with HKL staff will strive to achieve the goals of this policy through ongoing negotiations and cooperation.



Towards healthy, safe and productive hospital staff and customers.



To provide a quality and comprehensive occupational health services in the  hospital through various programs of prevention and disease control ,injury or disability that is cause by interaction between human and occupation.



General Objective:

- To ensure the safety, health and welfare of the hospital staff and its clients.

Specific Objectives:

- To protect and promote the safety and health of the hospital staff and its clients by preventing and controlling
   occupational accidents and diseases.
- To develop and promote a healthy and safe work environment and work process
- To educate the hospital staff on the importance of occupational safety and health, and thereby preventing accidents
   and diseases in the workplace.



 Ensuring the safety and health of Kuala Lumpur Hospital staff is maintained as well as providing the best clinic services to preserve the safety, health and welfare of HKL staff


Organization Chart




Department services

1.  WEHU Investigations

Conduct investigations of all cases of accidents, occupational diseases as well as poisoning in workplace. The investigation is based on notifications through the WEHU form received involving HKL staff, then statistics & data are sent to the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

2.  Occupational safety and health audit

Carry out occupational safety and health audit inspections on all environments and the entire Department within the Kuala Lumpur Hospital by performing the schedule audit duties that have been made in addition to preparing the audit report.

3. Premier Clinic

The Premier Clinic was created specifically to treat its customers specifically for the

HKL staff and responsibilities within the HRMIS System.


3.1 Premier Clinic Operating Hours

The clinic operates 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) and according to office hours 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. Break time 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (Monday – Thursday and12:15noon-2:45pm (Friday).

3.2 Premier Clinic Waiting Time

The time taken for Premier clinic services from registration to appointment is given

 is less than 90 minutes except for cases that require more treatment

 further such as x-rays, blood transfusions, waiting for laboratory results and so on.

 Each client will be given treatment (consultation) by a certified Medical Officer and

 provide professional services.

3.3 Among the clinics available at the Premier Clinic are as follows:

      1. Outpatient Clinic

      2. Immunization Clinic:

- Thyphoid

- Influenza

- Hepatitis-B

      3.  Non-Communicable Diseases Clinic (NCD)

      4.  Screening Clinic:

- Contact tracing

- Walk-in.

- Pre-Placement

      5.  Occupational Health Clinic

- Radiation

- Combine Dermatology

- Total Parental Nutrition (TPN)

- Medical Surveillance

- Ergonomics

       6. Latent TB Clinic

       7. Kospen-Plus Program

       8. Smoking Cessation Clinic

       9. Medical Checkup Clinic

 1. Continuos medical education



2. Safety Workshop


     HIRARC Workshop         



    Needle Prick Injury Workshop


3. OSH Day (Ramazzini Day 2019)




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