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The Hospital Supervision Division (BPH) is one of the components under Hospital Management. This division plays a role in resource management and clinical supervision to ensure excellent, efficient, quality and excellent service quality in treatment services, patient safety and comfort by trained, competent, committed and professional staff who prioritize customers by members under the care of the Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) and Health Care Assistant.


BPH is an organization that includes porters and management services. BPH works to coordinate, manage and regulate the quality of services of Assistant Medical Officers and Health Care Assistants at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital


Generate a competent and dedicated medical support team by continuously improving the quality of services provided to patients on an ongoing basis


Provide competent and dedicated Clinical Supervision Services to Assistant Medical Officers (AMO) and Health Care Assistants so that each service activity provided is professional, dedicated, committed, prudent and effective where it  meets the needs of customers and contribute on improving the health status of the people in Malaysia.


1. Implement the quality improvement program of Assistant Medical Officer and Health Care Assistants in Kuala Lumpur Hospital, especially in the areas of distribution, placement and development of their careers.

2. Conducting career-related training programs to ensure that individuals have the basic skills   and competencies to perform their basic tasks

3. Management and development in the field of work provided by Assistant Medical Officer and Hospital Health Care Assistant Kuala Lumpur

4. Implementing level 1 & 2 program for Health Care Assistants in Kuala Lumpur Hospital.


1. Carry out Orientation Program to newly appointed members (PPP and PPK) and move in within 1 week before member placement.

2. Members are placed in the Department / Unit / Ward according to the available physical training and according to the needs and importance of the service.

3. Coordinate Level 1 and 2 Health Care Assistant Improvement Training.

4. Coordinate the application for renewal of yearly Certificate of Registration among Assistant Medical Officers.


BPH will provide quality services through: -

• Assist in the provision of health services through trained, competent, efficient and professional staff

• Manage an efficient patient transport system services.

• Improve safe and comfortable work environment

• Provide organized and efficient porter services from trained and caring employees.

• In-service courses and training

• Level 1 & 2 health care enhancement training courses

• Safety and fire courses

• The premier work culture course

• Preceptor local courses

• Continuing Medical Education Program (CME)



 Safety And Fire Workshop, Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Date:  4/12/2019


Aktivity 1 :  Continuous Medical Education (CME)

Topic : Maggot Debridement Therapy

Date :  20/02/20

Aktivity 2 : Continuous Medical Education (CME)

Topic : Actopic Dermatitis

Date :  27/02/20 

3. Kursus Latihan Peniongkatan Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan Tahap 1 dan Tahap 2

Aktivity 1 :  Kursus Latihan Peningkatan Pembantu   Perawatan Kesihatan Tahap 1

Date :  03/12/2019

Aktivity 1 :  Kursus Latihan Peningkatan Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan Tahap 2

Date :  17/09/2019

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