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The Nursing Service Division is an organized professional division of Hospital Kuala Lumpur and is responsible to the hospital management via the Chief Matron. It is responsible by providing the clinical, managerial and educational resources necessary for the provision of excellence in nursing care in accordance with established professional standard.

It will endeavor to create an environment that is customer focused with emphasis on the individual's physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. It also aims to provide the nursing personnel with a high quality working life and opportunities to achieve their full potential. In accordance with the hospital policy, the Nursing Service Division has defined its own vision, mission, philosophy and objectives as describe below.

Towards becoming a center for nursing excellence in clinical practice in Malaysia.

To provide quality nursing service through safe, effective, efficient nursing care that will contribute to the total care of the patient.


• We believe the patient has right's to expect the personnel are qualified through education, experience and personality to carry out the service for which they are responsible.
• We believe the patient has right's to expect that he will receive the nursing care necessary to attain and maintain their maximum degree of health.
• We believe the patient has right's to except plans will be made by patient and the family, so that nursing and other necessary services will be available to them throughout the period of they need.
• We believe that,the nursing department is a learning atmosphere for students of professional nursing and other allied personnel supportive to nursing.


• Provide nursing service with emphasis on promotional, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of care
• Provide continuous health education to the community
• Implement strategies that promote quality and cost effective care to the consumers
• To set, implement and revise standards of nursing care on regular basis
• Evaluate and monitor nursing care based on criteria of quality assurance and nursing standards
• Provide a conducive environment to staff involvement in making decision activities that enhances the quality of nursing care delivered
• Enhance nursing practice through providing continuous professional nursing education programs
• Facilitate higher education and * Enhance the image of professional nursing both in hospital and community
• Cooperate with nursing colleagues and other educational institutions by providing clinical experience for students
• Initiate and facilitate nursing research

A U44 Chief Matron heads the Nursing Service Division of HKL. The Nursing Service Division renders support services to all areas where its services are required. The Nursing Services Division is sub-divide into 13 clinical nursing areas headed by a U42/U36 Matron.

Delegation of Functions

• The Chief Matron is a person who in charge of the Nursing Service Division and is directly accountable to the Deputy Director of Medical Services, HKL for the proper organization, direction, coordination and direction of nursing services.
• Chief Matrons is accountable and responsible for ensuring the smooth administration and function of the clinical Nursing Area.
• The Area Matron are responsible for the operational activities of the specific patient care of the Nursing Service Division.
• The Clinical Nurses U42 is responsibilities to provide holistic clinical care of patients and Continuous Nursing Education for nurses.
• The Nursing Sister are responsible in administration of patient care in one organized patient care unit.
• The Staff Nurses are responsible to provide individualized care for all patients in a nursing unit.
• The Community Nurses and the Asisstant Nurses are responsible to assist in the delivery of patient care in Nursing Unit

Personnel Management

All new nursing personnel reporting for duty in HKL should report to the Chief Matron. All new nursing personnel should undergo orientation in three levels:

• Central Orientation to be organized and conducted by the Training Unit & the Continues Education Centre.
• Area Orientation - conducted by the Area Matron.
• Unit / Ward Orientation- conducted by the Unit / Ward Nursing Sister.

The Nursing Service Division is responsible by providing the clinical, managerial and educational resources necessary for the provision of excellence in nursing care in accordance with the established professional standard. The research and training are mainly channel through The Continuous Education Center / Continuous Medical Education (Pusat Pendidikan Berterusan), HKL.

The scope for nursing in service education in Hospital Kuala Lumpur are

1. Orientation Programmes
2. Nursing Information
3. Continual Nursing Skills & Competency Education

The objectives of in-service training are:

1. To help the newly qualified or transfer-in nurses to adapt to the roles and duties of a discipline and committed nursing professional.
2. To ensure nurses in HKL are able to carry out the entrusted responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
3. To inlaid a worthy values in nursing service.
4. To introduce The Principles of Management to newly appointed Nursing Sister.
5. To give an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a Nursing Sister.
6. To create positive attitude towards an increasing standard in nursing service.
7. To create a charismatic leader

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