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The Public Health Unit was established to assist the District Health Office in public health issues such as infectious disease

notification management, vector control management, tobacco monitoring and food premise hygiene monitoring.



1.1 During establishment

At the time of its establishment, this unit had a total of 5 staff consisting of a U8 Health Inspector, 2 U14 Public Health

Assistants, a Health Attendant and a Junior General Assistant. The positions of Health Inspector and Public Health

Assistant are seconded from the Gombak District Health Office.


1.2 Current time

Now, the scope of services has been expanded to 5 core tasks, namely Infectious Disease Control, Vector Control,

Food Safety and Quality,  Occupational Health and Environmental Hygiene and Public Law Enforcement. In accordance

with the increase in the scope of work, the staff of HKL Public Health Unit has expanded to a total of 16 people

consisting of Administrative Medical Officer (1), Environmental Health Officer (2), Assistant Environmental Health

Officer (1), Assistant Environmental Health Officer (1), Assistant Health Officer Environment (5), Public Health

Assistant (2), Health Care Assistant (3) and Administrative Assistant (1).




Administrative Medical Officer UD54


Environmental Health Officer U44

Environmental Health Officer U41



Assistant Environmental Health Officer U36

Assistant Environmental Health Officer U32

Assistant Environmental Health Officer U29

Public Health Assistant U19

Administrative Assistant N19

Health Care Assistant U14

Health Care Assistant U11












1.  To ensure all infectious disease notification are through the e-notification system.

2.  To Ensure vector control activities are implemented throughout and around Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

3.  To Ensure that the entire area in around Kuala Lumpur Hospital is free from cigarette smoke through the enforcement

     of the Tobacco Products Control Regulations 2004.

4.  To Ensure the food premises in Kuala Lumpur Hospital is in a state of good sanitation at all times.



Public Health Unit HKL, will be a center of excellence in public health activities.



Implement public health activities in hospitals by ensuring the quality of services provided and emphasize the spirit of

cooperation with the involvement of employees, patients and the public.


Customer policy

We, the staff of the Public Health Unit, Kuala Lumpur Hospital will always be committed to providing quality, efficient,

friendly and professional services and services as well as fair and equitable consideration to all customers.

To achieve that goal we promise :


1. Notification delay does not exceed 3% of the total notification received.

2. To ensure that all notifications received are reported in e-notification without delay.


Service policy

1. Handling of infectious disease case notification.

2. Conducting aedes study examinations through Dengue Free Facilities for Health Facilities.

3. Inspection of food premises based on the Food Act 1983 & Food Hygiene Regulations 2009.

4. Operation of the enforcement of the Tobacco Products Control Regulations 2004 in the hospital area.




Scope of service

Handling of Infectious Disease Case Notifications

To ensure the handling of notification of Kuala Lumpur Hospital disease cases in accordance with the requirements

of subsection 10 (2) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 which is used to notify cases of

infectious diseases treated at Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

- Receive notifications from the ward and record and send to the relevant district.

- Preliminary investigation of the case.

- Prepare daily / weekly / monthly reports.


Covid-19 case investigation with travel agents who bring tourists from abroad.


Aedes Study Examination Conduct Through Dengue-Free Facilities For Health Facilities

To ensure that there is no reproduction of larvae around the hospital area and the Destruction of Disease-Carrying

Insects Act 1975 is used to monitor and eliminate larvae around the hospital area in accordance with prescribed work procedures.


- Aedes study throughout Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

- Examine sample of larvae.

- Issue notice if there is aedes breeding.

- Doing abating, oiling and fogging.

- Operation with the District Health Office, Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Health Department and

   Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

- Appointed as Secretary of the Dengue Free Facilities Committee at the HKL level.



Inspection of aedes breeding sites at construction sites around Kuala Lumpur Hospital.



Inspection of Food Premises Based on the Food Act 1983 and Food Hygiene Regulations 2009.

Ensure food production handled by the premises and food kitchen at Kuala Lumpur Hospital is clean and safe to eat and

the Food Act 1983 & Food Hygiene Regulations 2009 apply during food inspection and monitoring in accordance with established procedures.


-  Inspect food / kitchen premises.

- Taking food samples (Microbiological Test) to be sent to the Public Health Laboratory

   of Ministry of Health Malaysia.

- Food confiscation operations.


Inspecting the cleanliness of food premises in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital area.


Enforcement of Tobacco Products Control Regulations 2004 Within the Hospital Area

Ensure no one smokes in the hospital area. This is in line with the instructions and circulars of the Malaysian Government

that all public places and Government Premises are free from cigarette smoke and the Tobacco Products

Control Regulations 2004 are applied to monitor and take action on smokers by issuing a Notice of Order in Court for

Smoking Offenses in Hospital Areas Kuala Lumpur.


- Cigarette operations throughout the Kuala Lumpur Hospital area.

- Issue a Notice of Order in Court if necessary and record it.

- Issue warning letters for health education purposes.

- Joint operation with the Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Health Department and Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

- Prepare monthly reports.


Issuance of Notice of Attendance to Court to those who smoke cigarettes in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital area.


Occupational Health and Environmental Monitoring

Carrying monitoring work related to staff health and hospital environment.

- Haze Monitoring (API)

- HKL nursing / HKL school examination

- Pantry Grading At HKL



Nursery inspection at HKL Quarters during the Hand Food Mouth Disease (HFMD) outbreak.



1. Infectious Disease Notification Course is held for Medical Officers as well as support groups who are involved in

    notifying infectious diseases at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

2. Food handling course for Food Dietatic Department Staff and Cafe Staff.



 1. Setting of Smoking Hotspots in the Non-Smoking Area of Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

 2. Outbreak of dengue fever in the quarters of Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

 3. Descriptive analysis of the arrival of asthma patients from May to December 2017 in the Emergency Department

     and its relationship with the Air Pollution Index (API)



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