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Health Education Unit in collaboration with other departments / units strives to achieve its goals of educating, enhancing knowledge, raising awareness and ultimately maintaining the health status of patients through effective management of their disease through a variety of activities based on promotion and health education.


Health Education Unit, Hospital Kuala Lumpur was established in 1987 beginning with the appoinment of a Health Education Officer and serves as one of the supporting directoriates for clinical services at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.


As a centre of excellence in education and health promotion in the pursuit of a community that promotes a healthy, active and secure lifestyle.


Provide quality and efficient non-clinical support services to all clients in an effort to develop individuals and communities through good health education and educational activities and products.


The main objectives of the unit are to educate, change attitudes and behaviors as well as provide awareness and practice a healthy lifestyle among staffs, patients, family members and visitors through the following initiatives:

 i) Planning and implementing education and health programme through the Quit Smoking Clinic (KBM) and Kelas Warga Sihat (KWS)

 ii) Provide media materials and print media such as brochures, posters and others.

 iii) Coordinate and facilitate collaboration, cooperation and partnerships between various departments / units, NGOs and the private sector in health information and health education.

 iv) Provide health equipment facilities such as panel board, back drop, banner, buntings and so on.


i) Each clinical and health department will be assisted in the planning and implementation of health education programs in support of the patient care program at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

ii) Each patient and their family members will have the opportunity to enjoy and obtain all information and guidance on disease prevention, early detection and disease care. 



i) Quit Smoking Clinic (KBM)

 The clinic is responsible for providing counselling and counselling as well as behavioural therapy and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). The clinic is located in the Premier OSH Clinic, Wisma Rekod, Kuala Lumpur Hospital. The clinic is dedicated to HKL patients and their families.

ii) Kelas Warga Sihat (KWS) / Health Education Class

 To raise awareness and improve knowledge of health aspects of Kuala Lumpur Hospital staff and patients.

 iii) Graphic Services

 Graphic services include back drop, exhibition materials, laminating, binding and health brochures for the use of departments in this hospital.

 iv) Photography / Audio Visual Services

Provides photography services for clinical and non-clinical photography. In addition, the Health Education Unit also provides Audio Visual services such as clinical and non-clinical video recording, video editing and compact disc (CD) distribution.

v) Health education materials

The Health Education Unit is responsible for distributing and producing health leaflets such as pamphlets, posters, booklets, and distributing health CDs to each ward and department for Department, Clinical and ward use.

The speaker is explaining the topic

Explanation to the client of the substance contained in the cigarette

Doing laminate work for exhibitors

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