Head of Department En. Ahmad Hamidi bin Ramli
Phone 03-26156454
Fax 03-26916724
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Hospital Kuala Lumpur Training Department is a department that conducts training for Hospital Kuala Lumpur staffs. This department also serves as the gateway for all public and private clinical attachment. This department is under the Management Division of Hospital Kuala Lumpur.


Based on the study of the new structure of hospitals under the Ministry of Health Malaysia since 2004 a special branch responsible for handling and managing training matters in all State Health Departments and hospitals has been established. Following the decision, Training Department Hospital Kuala Lumpur was officially established on August 16, 2004 with a total of 4 staffs.


To make the Kuala Lumpur Hospital Training Department strong, fair and transparent in terms of providing opportunities to develop the level of skills and competencies of all members of Kuala Lumpur Hospital.


To develop the human resource performance of Hospital Kuala Lumpur towards excellence in service through training in accordance with the needs of the organization.


To help Hospital Kuala Lumpur staffs obtain opportunities to participate in works / conference training either at the internal / domestic / foreign level in an effort to improve their skills and competencies and organization.


All applications related to training / courses / seminars and conferences will be processed within 5 working days from the date of complete documents received by the Training Department.




i. Coordinate and manage the application and approval of training in the services of Hospital Kuala Lumpur staff.

ii. Coordinate and manage the application and approval of students of Public and Private Institutions (IPT) who have a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the Institution and the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to use the facilities of Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

iii. Manage Continuous Management Education (CME) courses on the first Wednesday of each month for Hospital Kuala Lumpur staffs.

iv. Coordinate and manage the application and approval of Master, Subspecialties and Attachment Training.

v. Manage training and courses for all Hospital Kuala Lumpur staffs.



Responsible in managing applications for Kuala Lumpur Hospital staff such as:

  - Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan (HLP) Fully Paid Study Leave

  - Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan (LDP) course local and international


Responsible in managing applications for the public and private sectors such as:

  - Institute of Public and Private Education

  - Public and Private Hospitals/Clinics

  - Medical students Institute of Education local and international for Elective Training

Training Department HKL is located in front of the Human Resources Department HKL


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