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Formerly, the General Administration Branch of Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) consists of 3 Units, namely the General Administration Unit, Transportation Unit and Store Unit. Currently, the HKL Administration Branch consists of 6 units, namely the Secretariat Unit, Demis Premise Unit, General Administrative Unit, Store Unit, Transportation Unit and Islamic Affairs Unit. The Administrative Branch is located at 4th Floor, Administration and Finance Building, HKL. The Branch is responsible in providing general services and facilities to HKL’s staffs and the general public.


Kuala Lumpur Hospital was established in 1870 as a District Hospital. As a growing hospital, the Administration Branch was established to manage administrative matters of the hospital.


Towards an excellent HKL administration


To make HKL Administrative Branch more efficient and provide effective and good quality services.


To provide services and facilities to HKL’s staffs and the general public


i. Managing general administrative and telecommunication matters.

ii. Managing office supplies and distribution of uniforms.

iii. Providing transportation and vehicles maintenance services.

iv. Managing Government quarters in HKL.

v. Managing business facilities and spaces in HKL.

vi. Acting as secretariat for the major departmental meetings and Hospital’s Visitors Board.

vii. Providing advisory services relevant to Islamic affairs.

Client Charter 

We promise that: 

i. Official letters received by the Branch will be distributed to Department letter-box on the same working day.

ii. Office supplies will be supplied upon approval of the application in Sistem Pengurusan Stor (SPS)

iii. In-house printing services with complete documentation will be processed within 14 working days.

iv. HKL staffs will be provided with fabrics for uniforms according to the current yearly eligibility.

v. Efficient and safe transportation facilities and services will be provided.

vi. Qualified applications for Government quarters will be tabled to the HKL Quarters Committee based on the availability of units.

vii. Procurement for renting of space through quotation will be processed within 90 days before the end of the existing contract.

viii. The preparation and arrangement of meetings will be carried out smoothly.

ix. The relevant Islamic affairs consultations and advisory services will be provided to HKL staffs, patients and kin of patients.

Organization Chart



Mail Services 

Manage outbound and inbound common and registered mails either through post or direct-delivery to respective destinations and distribution of letters to Departments.


Provide and manage transportation services including official vehicles, vans, lorries, motorcycles and mortuary vans for staffs, patients, and public.


Provide and manage government house and hostel facilities for HKL staffs.



Manage business space for cafeteria, vending machines, groceries, mini marts, health marts, ATM machines, and post office.


Manage office supplies, e.g. stationaries, Medical Certificate record books, forms/ books and domestic items for clinical and non-clinical usage, as well as supplying uniforms to uniformed staffs.


Manage printing of various forms and other documents for Clinical and Non-Clinical Departments usage.


Manage mails filling management, file number records, department general filing storage and giving new general file number to newly opened files.


Arrange and manage extension and direct lines to office telephones and handheld phones management for eligible HKL officers.


Provide counselling, advisory, consultation, talks, courses, AND Training of Trainers relevant to Islamic affairs for patients, patients’ kins, and HKL staffs as well as religious management for patients.


To assist Hospital Visitors’ Board of Directors and Psychiatry Hospital Visitors’ Board of Directors in arranging the meetings, visitations and activities.


Secretariat to the main departmental meetings such as Head of Department Meeting, Management Meeting and Inter-Departmental Meeting as well as monthly assembly.

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