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Generally human resources unit of our organization are responsible with service matters of any personnel from the date appointed until he/ she leaves government service.


Human Resources department (CSM) are responsible for service matters of any personnel of Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) and Hospital Tunku Azizah (HTA) in the role of a State Health Department (JKN). There are 5 (five) main units under CSM, namely:

1. Service Unit - responsible for the service of HKL officers and is divided into four (4) sub units based on positions namely:

i) Sub unit 1: Top Management and Clinical and Non-Clinical Management & Professionals.

ii) Sub unit 2: Paramedics, Management and Non-Clinical Supporting Group.

iii) Sub Unit 3: Nurses

iv) Sub Unit 4: Contract

2. Organizational Development Unit and HRMIS - responsible for the HKL staff data management, HKL service scheme and technical assistance of HRMIS System.

3. Performance Management Unit - responsible for managing career pathways, promotion and performance of HKL officers.

4. Integrity Unit - responsible as a focal point for the integrity management in HKL based on six (6) core functions.

5. Administration Unit - responsible as the administrative office for CSM officers.


To be a Competent, Efficient and Effective Human Resource in order to achieve Vision of Hospital Kuala Lumpur.


To plan organizational development and managing human resources efficiently and effectively in order to develop HKL personnel who are knowledgeable, skilled, integrity, professional and competent.


1.To ensure the design and development of a stable and effective organization.

2.To ensure efficiency and effectiveness of human resource services management. 

3.To ensure the organization are stronger and human resources are competent, disciplined and motivated


1. Officer Service Confirmation

To achieve at least 95% of Hospital Kuala Lumpur personnel getting confirmed in service within 1 to 3 years in accordance to the Public Officers Regulations (Appointment, Promotion and Termination of Services) 2012.

Exclusions for:

i) Officers with the disciplinary action;

ii) Officers with health problems; and

iii) Transfer in officers for a duration of less than 6 months and uncompleted service confirmation at his/ her former department.

2. Time-Based Promotion

To achieve at least 90% of qualified personnel on time-based promotion being  submitted to the Ministry of Health Malaysia before one month date of expected promotion.

Exclusions for:

i) Personnel who gets Unsatisfactory evaluation in the standard Time-based Excellence Evaluation Form; and

ii) Transfer in personnel of less than 3 months duration.


Services Unit

1. To manage Appointed Confirmation, In-Service Confirmation, Probationary Extension and Pensionable Status of permanent officers;

2. To manage contract appointed officers;

3. To manage all types of leave and allowances applications except annual leave;

4. To manage the application of salary adjustment / yearly increment of HKL officers;

5. To manage mandatory/ optional and derivative retiree documents of HKL officers; and

6. To manage resignation applications.

Integrity Unit

1. To manage disciplinary action;

2. To manage property declarations, and

3. To manage applications to do jobs outside official duties.

Organizational Development Unit & HRMIS

1. To manage placements of new intake and transfer in officer;

2. To manage work allowance applications and exchange allowance claims;

3. To manage the recruitment of Part-Time Daily Employees;

4. To manage transfer out applications, and

5. To manage technical assistance of HRMIS System.

Performance Management Unit

1. To manage the promotion of HKL officers;

2. To manage Yearly Work Targets and Annual Performance Appraisal Reports;

3. To manage the application for recruitment / extension of Private Specialists (Sessional);

4. To manage Exit Policy implementation;

5. To manage the locum application and Flexible Working Hours for Physician/ Dental Specialist;

6. To manage gazzetment of medical officer/ dental officer;

Administration Unit

1. To manage housing/ vehicle/ computer loan applications;

2. To manage travelling overseas applications;

3. To manage umrah and others religious event leave application;

4. To manage the application of Warm Clothing Allowance/ Free Fare to Overseas of Jusa A/ Ceremonial Dress/ Black Tie/ Official Ceremony/ Recreational and Sports Club Membership Financing Scheme; and

5. To manage the application for Employer Confirmation Letter/ EPF Withdrawal/ staff identification card/ Parking pass;

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