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The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) is a front-line unit that manages customer relations, complaints, media inquiries and interviews, visit, corporate social responsibility activities and information counters. The formation of this unit is in line with the objective to preserve and enhance the image of HKL through an organized and effective public relations strategy.


The Corporate Communications Unit (Unit Komunikasi Korporat) of Hospital Kuala Lumpur was formerly known as Public Relations Unit (Unit Perhubungan Awam) was established in 2007, headed by a Public Relations Officer, Grade S41 and assisted by an Assistant Public Relations Officer, Grade S27.

In year 2010, the Unit had been expanded to 14 posts that comprised of Customer Service Officers (Grade N19) to serve Information Counters of the Main Block, Specialist Complex & Ambulatory Care Complex, Outpatient Department and Pediatric Institute.  Whilst two (2) Customer Service Officers are placed at the Orthopedic & Trauma Clinic and the Ophthalmology Clinic.

More expansion to CCU in 2014 as all the Customer Service Officers (telephonists) Grade N19 were placed under Public Relations Unit. The move was in line with the Circular of PKPA No.1 / 2008 on Customer Services.

15 November 2020 marked a significant move by HKL. The name Public Relations Unit was changed to Corporate Communications Unit. The decision was made by the Director of HKL at HKL’s Management Meeting. The name change was also in line with the Ministry’s corporate unit which is also known as Corporate Communications Unit.

Currently, CCU has a workforce of 59 personnel. Out of 59 personnel, seven (7) posts are Information Officers, seconded from Department of Information, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia. These posts are for Head of Corporate Communications Unit (Grade S48), Senior Public Relations Officer (Grade S44) assisted by three (3) Public Relations Officers, Grade S41/S44 and two (2) Assistant Public Relations Officer, Grade S29/32.  The balance 52 posts are the Customer Service Officers (Grade N22 and Grade N19) stationed at Ibu Sawat (Telephonist) Specialist Complex and Ambulatory Care Complex (SCACC), Specialist Clinics and Hospitals Tunku Azizah (HTA).

Each personnel is placed based on job scope to one of CCU’s three sections which are

(i) Administration and Customer Response Section,

(ii) Corporate Communications, Media and Human Resource Section and

(iii) Strategic Communications Section. 


Liaison for internal and external communications between the HKL and patients /customers.  


To ensure patients / customers of Hospital Kuala Lumpur are updated with the latest information on HKL through various medium of communication channels and ensuring inquiries, feedback and services are given priority.



To ensure :

i.     Public Complaint is processed promptly;                               

ii.     Information on HKL’s Policies, Programs and Activities are disseminated to public and the mass media;                              

iii.    Department's programs and activities are given huge publicity and widely covered by media;                              

iv.    Enhancing internal and external networking between HKL and MOH, government departments / agencies and the public                               

v.    Official functions of HKL are conducted according to protocol guidelines                               

vi.    Issues regarding HKL are monitored and dealt promptly and effectively.



We Are Committed to Provide Best Services through: -               

1. COMPLAINT SECRETARIAT                                  

i.    Letter, Face-to-Face, Telephone, Email, Suggestion / Complaint Box, Newspaper, Public Complaint Bureau, 1MOCC, Corporate Communications Unit, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

ii.    Issued Acknowledgement of Public Complaint Letter within one (1) working day

iii.    Provide feedback within fifteen (15) working days for the Simple Complaint Category.

iv. Provide feedback within 365 days for the Complex Complaint Category.

v. Provide Press Statement to the media within 24 working hours of complaints in the media (if needed).


i.  Issue Notes to Editors (NE) three (3) days before the date of event.

ii. Manage Media Coverage and Media Session for any event / activity / interview.


i.  Ensure the operation of PABX and outgoing phone calls are well managed and organized.

ii. Ensuring the services of key counters personnel are managed by the Customer Service Officer in a good and effective manner.

iii. Focal Point for both internal and external customers.




i.  Public Relations Activities

ii. Public Response Secretariat

iii. Multimedia Information Management

iv. Visit Coordination

v. Information Counter Service


i. Hospital’s Public Relations Officer

ii. Planning and implementing public relations activities

iii. Media Advisor to the Hospital Management

iv. Maintaining good relationship with the media

v. Coordinating media request for interviews, shooting, filming etc.

vi. Organize and coordinate media conferences

vii. Issue Notes to Editors for the media 


i. Secretariat for Public Response and Complaints

ii. Monitor and respond to any complaints received from various sources (letters, e-mail, media, telephones, face-to-face, Public Complaints Bureau (PCB) and Complaint Boxes).                                      

iii. Submit complaint Reports four (4) times a year to the Main Complaints Secretariat of Ministry of Health. 


i. Monitoring of HKL’s news reported by the media.

ii. Provide press releases for official events and issues

iii. Analyze issues by the media and suggest the solution to the management

iv. Provide immediate feedback on issues arising in mass media.


i. Assist visit from various agencies and associations from local and abroad to HKL.

ii. Coordinate visits within Departments in HKL.


 i. Planned and monitored the implementation of the Information Counter Services.

 ii. Responsible for the services of Customer Service Officers in charge at the Specialist’s Clinics.


Customer Satisfaction Survey on Information Counter services is conducted for three months in a year. In 2019, the Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted from September till November 2019.


Internal Courses conducted by Corporate Communications Unit

i. Internal Course No. 1/2020 on 3 March 2020 : Frontline Staff - Roles, Mandates and Expectations of Stakeholders.

ii. Internal Course No. 2/2020 on 7 July 2020 : Emotional Management.

iii. Internal Course No. 3/2020 on 28 July 2020 : Protocol & Official Event    Management.    

iv. Internal Course No. 4/2020 on 11 August 2020 : Department Record Management.

Coordination of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Visit coordination to Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Media Management  for Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Planning training activities and courses of the HKL Corporate Communications Unit

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