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The Kuala Lumpur Hospital Security Branch was established in 2007 starting with two staff members, namely Mr. Mohd Sanusi Bin Abdul Rahman, KP32 Senior Assistant Security Officer and an Administrative Assistant, Mr. Hisham Bin Amerudin. In 2008, a KP44 Government Security Officer was placed at the Security Branch, which was Tuan Syed Sallehuddin Bin Syed Muhammad along with two other Assistant Security Officers Grade KP27, Encik Muhammad Hanif Bin Othman and Puan Noor Hashimah Binti Ismail.

The original idea of establishing the HKL Auxiliary Police (PBHKL) has been worked on since 2006 by Tuan Haji Naim Bin Abu Bakar, Former Deputy Director (Management), Mrs. Norohana Binti Ishak, Senior Principal Assistant Director (Human Resources) and Mr. Sanusi Bin Abd. Rahman, HKL Assistant Security Officer.

The proposed establishment of PBHKL was presented in the meeting of TKSU (P) / TKSU (K) / Deputy Director of Hospital Management & MOH Institutions chaired by TKSU (P) / TKSU (K) in 2006 in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Through the meeting, it was agreed that HKL be made a Pioneer Project for the establishment of the MOH Auxiliary Police and if successfully implemented then it will be extended to the level of MOH Headquarters and other hospitals.

The establishment of the HKL Auxiliary Police Unit has been approved by YDH, the Inspector General of Police took effect on 15 October 2009 with the positions of ASP / PB (1), INSP / PB (2), SM / PB (2), SJN / PB (5), KPL / PB (9), and Konst / PB ( 250) the total is 269. Now the post of Auxiliary Police has received additional approval with the following posts; ASP / PB (7), INSP / PB (12), SM / PB (18), SJN / PB (16), KPL / PB (150), Lance Corporal / PB (150) and Konst / PB (400).

Following the sending of 260 KP17 / 11 members to Pulapol and they completed their training on 31 December 2009, the appointment as Auxiliary Police was submitted to the PDRM in early 2010. On 17 October 2014, the Kuala Lumpur Hospital Auxiliary Police received approval application of the rank of DSP / PB to the Head of the HKL Security Branch Department.

As of 2017, the total number of PBHKL posts (based on rank) is 1082 which has been approved by the Bukit Aman Crime Prevention & Community Safety Department.

The establishment of Auxiliary Police is in accordance with Part IX, Police Act, No. 41/67 and Police (Auxiliary Police) Regulations 1970 (P.U (A) 461 dated 21 December 1970). Referring to the Police Act 1967 (Sec. 47 - Sec. 50), PTKPN A 501, Auxiliary Police Rules 1967 and Auxiliary Police Regulation 1970.


To create a safe hospital environment by inculcating good values, discipline and practicing a safe work culture at all times to staff, patients and visitors in accordance with the requirements of Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Ministry of Health Malaysia and the country.


To become a role model and an Institution of Auxiliary Police Force with superior government administration.


Provide policing and security protection services efficiently and prudently as well as improving the level of security at all times, and enforcing the rules set by the HKL Management and the Permanent Order of the Inspector General of Police (A501) in order to protect lives and property.


We from the Security Section will provide the best service to all customers in Hospital Kuala Lumpur based on every work: -   

• Provide security services to all staff, patients and visitors at all times

• Provide traffic control support services at all times

• Process departmental identity cards within 5 working days;

• Provide answers to complaints reported within 5 working days

• Strengthen quality, efficient and effective security systems, transparent and customer friendly based on good values.



Apart from the above, this Branch also functions 24 hours a day to perform the following duties and responsibilities: -

• Provide advice on protection safety

• Perform and ensure assigned operational tasks

• Coordinate aspects of physical security management, documents, personal and ICT protection

• Ensure the smooth management of operations and duties of Auxiliary Police personnel

• Develop human capital and provide protection safety awareness training

• Assist in preparing and issuing protection safety instructions from time to time

• Examining and conducting internal investigations as well as inspections and investigations with the authorities on security breaches of protection

Perform other duties as directed by the Head of Department or Department Security Officer from time to time

The Security Branch also conducts various forms of training such as:

• Marching

• Martial Art

• Trim And Fit

Meeting with the Director of Kuala Lumpur Hospital in 2019

Meeting with the Deputy Director (Management) of Kuala Lumpur Hospital in 2020

Martial Arts Performance by Kuala Lumpur Hospital Auxiliary Police Officers During a Meeting with the Director of Kuala Lumpur Hospital

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