Head of Department En. Zahed bin Saidin
Phone 03-26155020
Fax 03-26155059
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To ensure and control the government puchasing management, finance, revenue collection and payment have been carried out efficiently and effectively and in line with the financial procedures without delay and are under-controlled and to fulfill the needs for the implementation of the department programmes and activities.


Towards excellent financial management of HKL.


To make the financial management of HKL more efficient, effective and quality.


To manage, operate and coordinate the budget for development and administration of HKL, emolumen disbursement, vehicle and computer's loans, revenue collection (drugs), and other incomes, petty cash and to prepare for and response to audit inquiry and complains, Vot/filmsy books, financial complains on delay payment, rental of government clinics, secretariat for write-off of government assets and the tender committee and to monitor the recording process of the department inventory/asset of HKL.

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