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The Institute of Respiratory Medicine or fondly known as IPR is an institute under Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) located in Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur. IPR provides expert services on respiratory medicine and receives nationwide referrals.

History of establishment

This institute started in the year 1958 as Klinik Tibi in Jalan Pahang. In 1961, this clinic changed its name to the National Tuberculosis Center (PTN) in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Health Malaysia in order to overcome the problem of tuberculosis in Malaysia. The expansion of the scope of respiratory services provided led to the change where PTN was rebranded to become known as IPR in 1996. It offers specialist treatment services and advice to respiratory patients as well as provides specialist training in this discipline.


IPR nowadays


The Institute of Respiratory Medicine will be the premier respiratory medicine centre at the national level through evidence-based, comprehensive, state-of-the-art practices and quality human capital that meets the needs of customers.


The Institute of Respiratory Medicine is committed to providing comprehensive respiratory medicine services through a team of caring, caring, compassionate, and focused in a high-tech environment to:

i. Ensure continuous, acute, sub-acute and chronic treatment according to high standards based on evidence, flexibility and responsibility to customer needs and wants

ii. Manage and develop human capital towards vision-based excellence

iii. Achieve improved community health status through collaboration, partnership and collaboration with the public, private, and individual sectors

iv. Has the capacity to grow in the future to be known as a centre of excellence that is the choice of employees and patients through a culture of learning and research in the field of Respiratory Medicine.


i. Recognized nationally and internationally for its superior quality of respiratory care services.

ii. Recognized as a training centre that provides health professionals to play a role in the field of respiratory care now and in the future.

iii. Recognized for having a high level of treatment safety, by consistently integrating best practices and practicing the latest skills and knowledge in the respiratory medical services provided.

iv. Develop a model of health promotion and self-management programs to improve the overall health of the community.

v. Leading in continuing education to health personnel in empowering competencies.

vi. Contribute towards a deeper understanding of treatment problems and how to promote disease


We promise to provide professional, safe, friendly, caring and quality services


1. Specialist Clinic Services is provided according to the patient's turn, appointment date and / or condition

2. Information will be provided to customers regarding illness and treatment

3. Each customer will be given comprehensive treatment. Customers who require specific treatment / expertise not available at IPR will be referred to the relevant hospital

4. Confidentiality of personal information, illness and treatment provided to patients is guaranteed

5. Clean, comfortable and safe facilities and environment are provided

6. Ensure that customer charters in each unit are complied with

Customer responsibility

1. Every customer and family member is required to commit to the treatment process and services provided

2. Every customer is required to use the facility responsibly and comply with relevant laws or regulations.



Among the services offered are:

Core Services

i) Sleep Medicine

ii) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

iii) Asthma

iv) Tuberculosis

v) Lung cancer

vi) Lung hypertension

vii) Non-invasive ventilation

viii) Quit smoking

ix) Interstitial lung disease

x) Pulmonary Physiology

Endoscopic Thoracic Service

Endoscopic Torasy service at the Institute of Respiratory Medicine began in 1982 beginning with Flexible and Therapeutic Bronchoscopy services. Subsequently this service grew from year to year. Here are the Torosk Endoscopy services offered by IPR to customers.

i) Diagnostic and Therapeutic Flexible Bronchoscopy;

ii) Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pleuroscopy;

iii) Transbronial Biopsy;

iv) EBUS (Endobronchial Ultrasound)

Bronchoscopy test

Full lung function test

Sleep Study Lab




Operation Start



General Respi

Asthma Clinic

8:00 am

05:00 pm




General Respi

Sleep Clinic

8:00 am

05:00 pm




Tibi Clinic

8:00 am

05:00 pm



CA Clinic

CA Clinic

8:00 am

05:00 pm


Specialist Clinic

Palliative Clinic

8:00 am

12.00 noon


Specialist Clinic

ILD Clinic

8.00 am

12.00 noon


Continuing Medical Education

The Institute has a regular CME program on every Wednesday Morning. It is normally presented by the medical specialist and chaired by the senior Consultant. Topics presented are mainly about latest updated on the management of respiratory diseases.

A training program for nursing is held on Thursday evenings every week.

The morbidity and mortality meetings are held once every week to review all the cases. The meeting serves not only as part of internal auditing but also as part of a learning process for the doctors and medical staff.

Apart from that, IPR also cooperates with the Pertubuhan Perubatan Pascasiswazah, IPR (PPPIPR) in organizing courses related to TB and Respiratory at least 4 times a year and is open to health staff from all over Malaysia.

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