After examining you, your doctor may require you to be warded. This is to facilitate further treatment to your illness.


You are advice not to go home but go directly for admission. Clinic staff will contact your family member -informing them about your admission and to bring your things. Prior to your admission, you are required to register at the Admission Counter, which located next to the Accident & Emergency Department. You need to show your:

1. Identification Card

2. Guarantee letter

* From your Department if you are a government employee or an employee of any firm that is register with the Ministry of Health Malaysia. If you are a pensioner, a copy of your pension card is needed. If you are a school / University student a verification letter form your Principal / Head Master or Dean is require.

3. Sufficient monetary deposits according to ward class and discipline.

* If deposit is not given or there is no pension card / guarantee letter, you will be warded into a third class ward even though you are eligible for a second or first class ward. However you will be transfer to your class of entitlement when we receive your guarantee Letter / pension card if there is bed available in the ward.


Patient need to bring their personal things such as:

1. Tooth brush & tooth paste

2. Towel

3. Bathing soap

4. Some clothing attire

5. Comb

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